Conscious Collaborations

Conscious collaborations are partnerships I’m forming with other female entrepreneurs or as I’m calling them Fellow Conspirators! 

We are each conspiring — joining forces, uniting and working together — to elevate each other and our businesses. It’s truth and a little edgy with the whole conspiring part! These women are doing some kick ass stuff! 

When we approach life and business from a spirit of collaboration versus competition, amazing things happen!

Here’s are two amazing collaborations that art-of-being expert Marci Moberg and I are launching! 

Embody the Wild Woman and Goddess You Are – Women’s Empowerment Coaching and Portraiture

This one of a kind transformational experience combines coaching sessions that spark clarity and empowerment with fine art portraiture that reveals the Wild Woman and Goddess within. 

This experience creates a foundation that enables you to:

  • Tap into and learn how to trust your intuition
  • Stand in your personal power
  • Reveal your true essence, the magick that lies within you, often what you are unable to see.

Your metamorphosis includes:

  • 3-hour empowerment intensive, to uncover your hidden gem qualities and
    envision a life where your Wild Woman and Goddess shows up in your everyday life
  • Doable practices to begin embodying Her leading up to the portrait session
  • 3-4 hour portrait session that captures your Wild Woman and Goddess creating innovative art with you as the muse
  • Professional hair and makeup, and creative, artistic styling
  • 20 exquisite, hand-retouched digital images; custom App to share your images
  • Action plan to empower you to continue honor yourself after this experience

Are you ready to unleash the Wild Woman and embrace your Inner Goddess? Contact me to ignite the spark.

Being-Centered Business: A Personal Branding Journey for Fempreneurs

When you are your brand, how you show up matters. 

Do you want to build an authentic business?  Reflective of your truest self?

Are you ready to start a business or take your business to the next level?

Feel like there are blocks that if you could remove them your business would thrive?

It’s time to dig deep, hone in what you want and then get the imagery that truly reflects you and your business.

This one of a kind personal branding experience provides:

  • Reconnection to the joy of your business.
  • Confidence in relaying an authentic brand
  • Personal branding and marketing imagery that is reflective of your truest self

Your Being-Centered Business Experience Includes:

  • 2 hour 1-1 workshop to explore your authentic state-of-being.
  • Clarity on how you want to show up in your business.
  • A one year authentic-centered business strategy.
  • Immediate action steps to infuse that vision into your business operations .
  • 2 hour personal branding photography session.
  • Creative styling and shoot design that embodies you and your business.
  • 15-20 digital images with select images sized for various social media platforms.
  • Add professional hair and makeup for $150.

Are you ready to boldly take the steps to build your business? Contact me today!



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