Bright Souls


Bright (adj.): giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining; giving an appearance of cheerful liveliness; (of someone’s future) likely to be successful and happy.

Soul (n): the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being, regarded as immortal; emotional or intellectual energy or intensity

Who are my bright souls? You are! 

Specifically, bright souls are entrepreneurs, shaking up this world, that are in need of headshots or creative and unique branding imagery for greater marketing visibility and online presence.

Even more specific, you are a Fempreneur, a woman business owner that wants your business to reflect your truest self in an authentic way. 

Just like with my Goddesses, I photograph your essence — your light, your energy and that spark in you that is your brand.

The Experience

I offer two experiences for Bright Soul entrepreneurs, headshots for business and social media use and full, comprehensive personal branding session packages. 


Headshot sessions are 45 minutes and can be done in studio, outside or a combination of the two. I like to say I create headshots that aren’t stiff and stuffy but rather that are relaxed and allow you to shine through. When you work with me I will tell you what to do, how to stand, what to do with your hands and arms and how to smile so that you are engaging viewers whether on your LinkedIn page or your business website.

You’ll get a gallery of images to select your favorite 5-10 images. High resolution files are supplied and I’m happy to size them for social media. 

Visit the Headshots gallery to see who has already attracted attention! And then book your headshot session today and start getting the attention you deserve!

Personal Branding Sessions

Personal branding sessions go deeper.

Much like my Goddess sessions we start with some questions that get you to really think about how you want to present yourself to potential clients. We talk about your business and what you’re offering so I can create imagery that connects you to what you are doing in a cohesive and authentic way. My personal branding specialty is with women entrepreneurs, or Fempreneurs and assisting them in creating a visual presence that truly showcases their uniqueness and magic. 

Your personal branding session can be a combination of studio, on location or outdoors. I brainstorm styling and locations to help create your business story. Don’t be surprised if I ask you to twirl or dance depending on the answers to your questions!

Visit the Personal Branding gallery to see some amazing people empowering themselves and their businesses! 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? To take those bold steps to empower yourself and your business? Book your personal branding session today!

I also am partnering with Art of Being Expert, Marci Moberg, to offer a unique combination of business brand coaching and photography. This one-of-a-kind package helps you get clear on your business and brand through Marci’s amazing coaching and then I create the images you need to promote you and your business. Learn more about this exclusive approach to creating your brand. 




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