Lover: beloved; love; darling; sweetheart; partner; significant other; boo

NOTE: Lovers Gallery coming soon!!

We meet, we date and then we commit to be partners in our lives. 

And what better way to honor that commitment than with engagement or partner portraits.

I absolutely adore photographing couples in love taking those first big steps together — the excitement of the unknown and embarking on a new journey with someone that has captured our heart.

My surname is Habibi which means sweetheart or my darling so it’s only natural that I love this type of work!

Fast forward. Sometimes we get married and have kids. And then we wake up one day and feel like we can’t remember what brought us together in the first place. 

Life has a way of disconnecting us from ourselves and from each other.

And that’s when it’s time to reignite that flame that brought you together in the first place. To honor and celebrate the steps you’ve taken together, the partnership you’ve worked on and maintained in spite of the curve balls life throws. 

An anniversary portrait session will remind you of where you started as a couple and show you were you’ve grown together and how far you’ve come.

The Experience

Your experience begins when you decide you want to honor your life together with your partner.

Just like a Goddess session with me, your Lovers session begins with questions to help you determine who are you together at this point in time. We brainstorm ideas, styling and locations. And Lovers sessions can have a flair for fantasy too!

And then my vision takes over creating the flow for your session, finding locations and things to do that speak to who you and your partner are.

I’ll guide you through everything — where to look, how to stand, when to kiss, when to gaze deep into your Lover’s eyes. Most of all it’s a great way to (re)connect and just a lot of fun.

Are you ready to document your commitment to your Lover? Book your session today.

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