Today’s post is going to officially close out my celebration of Women’s History Month 2019. It ended March 31 and my main focus for the month was on Instagram, posting an amazing woman daily. I realized that I have photographed a lot of awesome women over the years. I also realized that tech issues and daily posts don’t mix! But I did it! And next year, since I’ve got the seed planted already, it will flow much better!

Even though Women’s History Month ended in March and we’re now more than half way through April, I still thought featuring this Gathering of Goddesses would be the perfect way to close. Because there’s a symbolic closing with it as well.

Three years ago I met Marcia, the founder and owner of Charmed Cardinals (go on! click on that link and check out their new killer website! and they are accepting new members!!) which is a women’s empowerment society. We both connected instantly with our mutual desire and goal to empower women. Since that meeting through Femworking I have worked with Marcia several times to offer group Goddess photoshoot experiences. You can read about them here, here and here! And now I’m sharing the most recent Goddess experience from last Fall.

What I love about these experiences is that they evolved from the ethereal, fantasy type of Goddess imagery, which I still love to create, to the Everyday Goddess. Meaning, whether you are in a baseball hat and sweatshirt or a long gown, you are a Goddess!

Doing these experiences in a group setting has a special dynamic. They become sisters bonding, supporting and helping to create the art. And after doing them the last three years with the Charmed Cardinals, the door for these events is closing. The Charmed Cardinals is changing the format a bit and the frequency of their experiences. But for every door that closes, another door opens.

I have long wanted to do Women’s Empowerment retreats, whether they are specifically Goddess related or empowering in other ways and through other modalities. Either way, photographing the participants is part of it. And now doors for that have opened. I just spent this past weekend doing just that for Elena Sonnino at her Sunrise in Your Pocket Retreat. I CANNOT WAIT to share the images from that. Check some behind the scenes here and here.

I will be doing it again at a Summer Solstice Goddess retreat and this time I will also be co-facilitating the retreat with my BFF of over 30 years, Lisa Adams of Goddess Powered. Here’s the details!

I just want to thank Marcia, the Charmed Cardinals and all the beautiful women from the Charmed Cardinals I was privileged to photograph. Just like all the women I posted for Women’s History month, each of them has had an impact on me becoming the woman I am today.