The Bluebells Are Coming – VA/MD/DC Portrait Photographer

The Bluebells Are Coming – VA/MD/DC Portrait Photographer

The Bluebells are coming!! The Bluebells are coming!! Do you guys know what the Bluebells are? They are some of the very first flowers to bloom, just after crocus and daffodils. Maybe around the same time as tulips. And they’re wild. And fairies commune in the Bluebells! It’s a portrait photographer’s dream background!

Somewhere along the line I had heard about the Bluebells. Then last year in early March or so I was hiking in Clifton and was noticing all these sprouts coming up along the river. Just after that I read something about the Bluebells and realized that’s what was starting to sprout. I did a little more research and found out they tend to bloom late March to mid April. Then I saw some photos and then I checked them out and whoa! It was like a magical forest with a sea of beautiful blue flowers. I knew I had to photograph someone in the Bluebells.

Luckily this little fairy came along and we infused the magic of forest with her magic. And thanks to Northern Virginia’s crazy weather it was a beautiful warm afternoon. 

Want to make some magic in the Bluebells this year? Book your session now. It requires flexibility between mid-March to mid-April and of course flexibility with weather. But we can make it happen! They’re only around for about two weeks, give or take, so openings are limited. The fairy images below were taken about a week after I first saw the Bluebells. There was roughly half of what I had seen the week before. Mother Nature works on her own time schedule, not ours! Email me today before all the openings are booked. This is the PERFECT backdrop for a fairy, high school senior or Goddess session. 





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