Busy Momma Goddess – VA/MD/DC Personal Branding Photographer

Busy Momma Goddess – VA/MD/DC Personal Branding Photographer

All you momma’s out there … let me just say I am amazed by the job you’re doing! Add running a business/working full-time AND raising kids AND managing a household … I bow to you. Courtney, owner of Busy Momma Boutique, is one of these goddesses that I bow to. When she asked me to create personal branding images for her earlier this year I was so honored!

Courtney and I met through Pinnacle Women’s Networking (check it out! great ladies and relationships!) last Winter. She was selling cute clothing from Agnes & Dora in her in-home boutique! Since then her business model has changed a wee bit. She still sells Agnes & Dora items but has added other brands and labels to her boutique.

Now, you might think that a photoshoot with a boutique owner would be all about the clothing and accessories, right? That would be more of a product shoot. A personal branding shoot is a little different in that it’s more about the person behind the boutique. Who is she and what is she  doing that makes this boutique different, special, unique and a place where I want to shop. What is it about this person and their life — it is a personal brand — makes me feel comfortable and at ease. What is the magic that happens when I work with Courtney and Busy Momma Boutique? And to reveal this magic, we tell the stories behind that person. And that’s exactly what we did with Courtney during her Brand Evolution Session.

Courtney is a business owner, providing outstanding customer service – Story 1.

She and her boutique connect women with clothing that makes them feel beautiful and comfortable – Story 2.

She’s a mom and one of her passions is her family – Story 3.

She’s a soccer mom and needs cute comfy clothes to hang out at the soccer field all day – Story 4.

She is fun, sassy and warm – Story 5.

I loved getting these images for Courtney and helping her tell these stories visually. Check out the Busy Momma Boutique website and connect on Facebook on her page and group and Instagram to catch Courtney’s styling videos and other promos and sales.







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