In case you weren’t aware, I am a long-time yoga practitioner and teacher. Like 19 years long-time. I still teach yoga and my personal practice has shifted and evolved through the years. One of the first things I began photographing when I got my dlsr was yogis. Yogis practicing in class, teachers teaching, poses for training programs. I love capturing the movement in a still way. I love capturing the stillness so the viewer can feel it. I love capturing how the body expands and contracts and the energy that creates with no other distractions. I love the angles and how body parts can meet creating those angles and other shapes. And without a doubt practicing and teaching yoga has informed how I photograph yogis and yoga teachers.

As a business owner I know how challenging it is to promote yourself and that’s why I love offering yoga mini-sessions to help boost the signal of my fellow yoga teachers. Some teachers are more quiet, soft and inward, teaching Yin, gentle and restorative styles of yoga. Others are more fluid and boldly emanate compassion and joy teaching vinyasa and flow styles. Many are both. Regardless of how we teach, we all really just want to guide folks to feel better day in and day out. And it’s fun to capture different teachers and practitioners of different styles.

As a yogi and teacher I know who things should look and feel. As a graphic designer I’m able to discern images that can used in specific ways for marketing and promotion. As a photographer I’m able to create images that reveal that can be strategically used but also a yogi’s magic.