Christian Relief Services Charities

Project Overview

Christian Relief Services Charities is an international non-profit organization with a family of human services charities including Bread and Water for Africa, Americans Helping Americans, Running Strong for American Indian Youth, Christian Relief Services, Safe Places and Christian Relief Serivces of VA. 

Each charity has multiple programs and projects ranging from basic necessities, to education, to housing and to more innovative grant programs, and required graphic design and strategy for fundraising, awareness and advocacy and constituent updating. 

During my time with the organization, I rebranded or updated branding for each charity and managed the brands, created annual reports, brochures, stationery, newsletters and fundraising direct mail appeals often with premiums, assisted with email campaign strategy, created emails and appropriate schedules, and assisted with research and written content. I also managed the design department and related hardward and software, and was the photographer for a number of events.

Many of the projects were cyclical with repeating deliverables. The challenge was to maintain the branding but to offer a fresh look when possible. 

Annual Reports

My role with the annual reports for each charity was to design a branded publication with easy to digest information and infographics. I also assisted with copy editing, established production schedules, gathered photos, created charts and infographics, and managed the printing schedule and printers.

Direct Mail Fundraising & Premiums

Quarterly newsletters were sent to donors to keep them updated on the activities of the charities. The packages included a four-page three or four color newsletter, a fundraising letter, a donation reply form, a reply form envelope and the #10 mailing envelope. 

I created templates for the newsletters and production schedules, completed layouts, managed printing, and coordinated mailhouse fulfillment.

Once or twice a year a special premium might be included with a newsletter mailing in which case the overall packaging would be redesigned. The special premiums included tote bags, maps and calendars. The map and calendar projects included researching images and data/facts, procuring images and the design and layout of the maps and calendars.

Partners for Africa’s Future

Partners for Africa’s Future was a giving program for Bread and Water for Africa to increase monthly donors. The project included branding the program with a logo, giving levels, email headers and email templates. The emails were created using Convio. The initial launch of the program which included an email campaign and print newsletter campaign resulted in 24 new monthly donors giving a total of $990 per month.

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