Sara contacted me last Fall for personal branding photography to begin creating a library of images that display not only  her offerings but her inner magic. She is a doula, yoga teacher, pre/postnatal yoga teacher, essential oils enthusiast, sun worshiper, home nest maker and more and was looking for images that touch on all of these stories. No problem! Because this is exactly what I love doing!!

The first thing we do when you book a personal branding session is sit down and chat about your needs, what to wear, props to include and the most important things of feelings – how you want to feel when you see your images and more so how you want your audience to feel. Trust, inspiration and curiosity were the big three for Sara.

Then we got into Sara and who she is knowing that she is more than what she does. She is creative, eclectic, unconventional, quirky and elegant!  Something we really wanted to show is that Sara has a bit of silly side to her.

We also needed to capture her in the different environments where she works and lives — Del Ray (she is a huge part of the community there since she is co-owner of Mind the Mat Yoga), her home and of course, nature. And I do believe we captured all of this in her branding images!

We started with getting shots of Sara teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga. I think the baby is having a lot of fun! And yoga teachers! She’s got a prenatal teacher training coming up if you’ve been wanting to get certified to teach this demographic.


Then we moved onto a walkabout in Del Ray. Here’s one reason why I love Del Ray — the community. Everyone knows everyone! Sara was able to run across the street to Kiskadee, a fun clothing boutique, where she asked if she could wear some outfits and they were like of course! So super huge shout out to Kiskadee for outfitting Sara for this part of her shoot. They really do have a lot of fun and unique clothing and jewelry. We also got a few shots at the murals at The Dog Store and St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub.



Then it was time for some yoga shots. I love, love, love getting yoga shots!!


After yoga we moved onto Sara’s sanctuary, her gorgeous, cozy home.     



Now if anyone thought Sara was serious up until now, that’s about to change. When thinking of ideas, I knew I wanted to get some shots of Sara in her bedroom as she had mentioned this killer mural she has on the wall. Well, what could be more fun and so not serious than jumping on your bed?? Mind you, Sara is almost 6 feet tall, but we still got her catching some air!


And to finish up we went out into nature to Green Springs Gardens, where the sun was just right. 


One of the things Sara mentioned on her questionnaire was practicing how to surf the waves of life gracefully. So … fun, play surfing photo!

Thank you so much Sara! It was such a great day photographing you and your various stories! I’m so honored and humbled.

Are you ready to play big and shine bright? Are you ready to tell your stories and uplevel your business. Then let’s do it! Contact me to schedule your personal branding shoot!