Everyday Goddesses – VA/MD/DC Portrait Photographer

Everyday Goddesses – VA/MD/DC Portrait Photographer

Ladies, do you think that in order to be a Goddess you have to put on tulle and a flower crown and dance around in the woods? The answer to that is no! We are Goddesses ALL THE TIME. Sometimes we express her in different ways depending on our mood and what we’re doing. You can be and ARE a Goddess no matter what you are wearing and when I create Goddess portraits the most important thing is to feel comfortable. And I recently worked with that idea when it was time for the Spring Charmed Cardinals Goddess Experience. 

Charmed Cardinals is a Women’s Empowerment Society, creating Me Time for its members through monthly sister meetings and experiences. I’ve been working with them for two years now creating Goddess photo shoot experiences. The first one we went with the flower crowns and tulle. Oh and the warriors including the motorcycle warrior Goddess!  And it was EPIC! The second year, which I will actually be sharing in a few weeks was kind of the same but we also had formal gowns. It was epic as well (they’re all gonna be epic:). When the leader of Charmed Cardinals wanted to add a second experience in for the Spring, I thought, hmmmm … how could we mix this up and make it a little more about how we’re feeling at any given time. Not necessarily trying to embody anything “bigger” than ourselves but more about loving who we are. And the Everyday Goddess was born. 

So if you feel like a Goddess in a t-shirt and jeans then that’s your Everyday Goddess. If a flowy dress is what you’re feeling then so be it. And I think this experience really allowed the participants to just be themselves. And that’s where the Goddess lies, in our hearts when we are our most authentic. 

Behold, the Everyday Goddesses of the Charmed Cardinals! 



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