I’m mixing it up today! Because I realized I haven’t shared and family sessions in FOREVER! Definitely not since I launched this new site. And while my marketing is focused on photography for women and women entrepreneurs, I do LOVE photographing families! So it’s time to feature some family portraits. And it’s not too late to get them done for this holiday season! Just think how fun it would be to get family photos while picking out your Christmas tree or even decorating it? So, if you’re just now getting around to thinking about that hit me up! We can still make it happen!!

These family sessions were done over the last year or so. Some of them I have been photographing for years, like since the kids were infants and now they are 9 and 10! Some of them I have photographed the parents engagement, their wedding, baby number one and then baby number two. Regardless, I always have a ton of fun working with families. In case you can’t tell I encourage lots of hugging, kissing and lots and lots of laughing. And I’m always cracking up at what the kids are doing, whether it’s their turning into the hulk look or making faces or trying to be cool.

HUGE THANK YOU to these beautiful, bright souls!!