Part of being a personal branding photographer is knowing that stories can be told in a number of ways. Sometimes it’s with props, sometimes it’s location, sometimes it’s on a backdrop. I’m always thinking about locations and for a long time felt that a backdrop couldn’t cut it. It really does depend on the person, their business and their story. And I learned that two years ago when Lauren came to me for some branding images.

At the time, she was doing a couple of things with her business Curious Kind Wellness, one of which was teaching sales people how to be more healthy. As a former salesperson, she knew how hard it can be for sales people to eat right because they are often on the road at meal time or are eating at restaurants with clients. So she needed images that would appeal to busy sales people. Not a lot of background, not a lot of distraction but rather clean and polished. Hello white backdrop!

Lauren’s images show her stories and address her target audience. We got the clean and polished images on the backdrop. We got more casual images of her prepping food and planning in the kitchen. And we got her outdoors where a sales person might find themselves in between clients. We got the headshots and action shots. We got the compositions with space for text overlays.





Flash forward two years and Lauren’s focus has shifted to energy healing. She had been studying Reiki and energy healing when I first met her and in fact I received some energy healing from her. All I can say is check her out. I felt energy literally move through my body after she cleared some blocks. It’s powerful stuff. And she was super patient with my bad kitty who wanted to climb up the inside of her table while she was working on me! You can find Lauren at

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