It’s Your Time to Shine

It’s Your Time to Shine

A few weeks ago I did an Instagram post introducing myself since I hadn’t really posted much since the pandemic and shutdown. I listed out a bunch of things describing who I am as a personally and here they are in case you’re curious!

Not only am I Portrait Artist (you can learn more about what that means to me here) but I’m also a longtime Graphic Designer and Marketing Professional. Like 20 years longtime. Oh, and I’m working on some holistic communications offerings and will share more about that soon.

I’m a flower JUNKIE! Just take a look at my personal IG here and you’ll see. I love flowers of all kinds. And someday I will have a flower farm.

I am completely immersed in all things mystical, magical and astrological. More about that in just a minute.

I’m mostly a cat person but am not opposed to having dogs when the timing is right. And someday when I have that flower farm I’m also going to have senior animal sanctuary for old girls and fellas to spend their last days getting lots of love.

My vernacular is wrought with curse words but I promise not to curse in front of you or your kids. I thank my mom for this attribute.

Those a few quick things about me. The important one today is the astrology one.

I’ve been studying astrology for about 3 years now. My interest all started with the Cosmo Beside Astrologer booklet back in 1988! It nailed me as a Gemini. And while I am no means fluent in this art, I have become pretty good at knowing the energy at hand and how to understand it. And when we understand it, we can use it to our advantage. For example, you’ve heard of Mercury Retrograde yes? Well knowing when that happens, and understanding that very often lots of communication snafu’s happen during MR, then I use that knowledge to my advantage and think twice before every email or text that I send. So that my communication is mindful and intentional during a time where it could otherwise not be. Get it?

Sooo … right now we are in the season of Leo! I’m a Leo rising so it’s a significant time of year for me but we all can feel and embrace this energy, understand how it can work and the use that knowledge.

Leo energy shines the spotlight on us. It tells us, get out there and show off. Share your amazing talents and gifts with the world. This energy supports us to tell the world how amazing we are in a way that is honest and authentic, not boastful or overbearing.

Here’s a few sample of my talents and gifts:

Pure Nurture personal branding mamahood

Charleston Personal Branding Photography

Of course, as with all things, too much of this energy and suddenly it’s all ego and too much. But if we are aware, mindful and intentional, we can use it in powerful ways.

How you might ask? Well, for example by getting those branding photos done to promote you and your amazing talents and gifts! Leo energy gives us the confidence to step in front of a camera and own it. It gives us the creative energy to come up with innovative ideas for images that will make you play big and shine bright.

Just sayin:)

Here’s some beautiful women playing big and shining bright!

Real Estate Alexandria Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography Leesylvania Park

Virginia Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography Alexandria Va

Personal Branding Photography Charlottesville VA

Old Town Alexandria Personal Branding

Green Springs Gardens Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography Occoquan VA

Annapolis, MD Personal Branding Photography

Amber Chamberlain The Suburban Light Northern Virginia Personal Branding Photography

Corinne Coppola Personal Branding at Leesylvania Park

Courtney Riddle personal branding photoshoot Leesburg VA

Now today (August 3) there is a full moon in Aquarius. This energy will hang around for the next 3 days and illuminates things related to Aquarius. Aquarius is about the collective, humanity and technology. And by the way, we are at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius which means lots of this energy is coming our way. So what this energy is telling us or asking us is to think about is how we can serve humanity through technology? I know a lot of my amazing clients are doing that already with online courses, membership groups, spiritual readings and more. Are you ready to do that? Do you need images or a website to make that happen? Oh, then it’s time to use that creative, confident Leo energy to do that and support your serving humanity through technology. And perhaps I’m just the person to help you.

Anyway, regardless of whether you need branding images or a website or not, I wanted to share this with you. It’s good stuff to know. I’m clearly using it!

Tell me how you are stepping into the spotlight. Show me how you are serving humanity. I want to share it with others!

And if you are ready to book a session you can reach me here. 

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!

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