I’m back to getting sessions posted after being busy CEO’ing! Back in September I took a full day to work on my business at Racheal Cook’s CEO Retreat. She’s a great business coach and you can check her out here … www.rachealcook.com. It was great to get a lot of clarity and action steps but that meant spending my time organizing and doing other behind the scenes stuff. But now I’m in the groove and getting back to delighting you all (hopefully!!) with posts about sessions and other fun things.

So let’s go back to the end of March when Josie from Integrative Health Strategies and I met up for a Brand Emergence session. Josie wanted more than just new headshots so the Brand Emergence session was just right for her. She was very deliberate and mindful when creating her website using images from nature that have great color and texture. So the idea wasn’t to get images of her for those big “hero” or banner images on the site. But I did want there to be some continuity so I made sure to place her on backgrounds that had great texture and color. Everyone’s branding needs are different and that’s what I love about finding creative and unique solutions for each person that comes to me.

Take a moment to check out Integrative Health Strategies as well. Josie is helping people heal chronic conditions by taking strategic, integrated approaches to the individual and what’s going on with them.

And are you an entrepreneur that needs a starter set of images? More than headshots but you’re just not ready for a full on branding session? Then my Brand Emergence session is ideal. It’s 75 minutes long and gets you the images you need to get your website and other marketing up and running. I’m booking Brand Emergence sessions for January 2020 now. Contact me today to get yours booked!