It’s been kind of quiet here, huh? And I’ll tell you why. Because the magic was being shoved down. It’s been all about the business of being a photographer, particularly a branding photographer, non-stop for almost a year. And in all that business stuff the magic of what I do and what I love doing was dying.

Back in May I “celebrated” being in business for myself four years. I have celebrated in quotes because I couldn’t celebrate. I was feeling utterly uninspired. While I had some amazing shoots this Spring, all the business stuff, especially the business building stuff of networking and presenting was dragging me down. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the presenting and sharing what I know. When I went to write a post about being in business for four years and what I had to share it felt forced and completely not authentic. So I never wrote it. And then I just retreated.

Because the last couple of months I have hated my business. Like it was a real person or entity. I was resentful towards it for having to do these things that either I just don’t enjoy or take time away from the real things I love doing. And believe me, I realize that in life, we have to do things we don’t enjoy or don’t want to do. BUT I also know for a fact that the things we do love and bring us joy can take precedence. We just have to let them.

All those things that all the general and photography business coaches say you have to do. And of course, their way is THE way. And the only way you’ll ever be successful is to do things a certain way and play by certain rules. After having my truth illuminated by the Full Moon in Sagittarius this week (cue MAGIC!!!!) I was like FUCK THE RULES. Warning, there will be more F bombs in this post:) And the minute that happened, the magic came flowing back in.

So here is my four year business anniversary post.

1. Forget about what everyone else is doing and saying that you need to do in order to be successful. Of course there are tried and true methods of doing things but if they don’t feel right then you’re not going to do them and they probably won’t work anyway, because the energy and flow isn’t there. Take those ideas and make them your own. Make them work for you in a way that FEELS good.

I’ve seen so many branding photographers add in consulting and brand strategy to their offerings. And I get that. And for some it might work. I was going to do that but it just never felt right. I don’t want to be a brand strategist or consultant even though I know a lot about this. I’ve got 20 years of experience in it as a graphic designer. It was becoming another thing to do and market and sell and blah, blah, blah.

However, when you come to me for branding photography, you’re going to get that. It’s just part of the process and my intuitive vision for you. But I’m not going to do it as a separate offering or clarity call or online class or Facebook group. At least not right now. Maybe in the future, maybe not. Right now, it doesn’t feel right or magical.

These images all came from my intuitive vision related to each individual client. And of course there was strategy behind them but I don’t need to dilute my business with every other service I could possibly think of in order to be “successful.”

2. Niche down or not. I understand that creating a niche can have huge impact. But it can also pigeon hole you and your business. I’ve been focusing big time on branding photography for the last year. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve had amazing women come to me for that service and I LOVE doing it. And I’ll continue to do it.

But in creating this niche I haven’t been working with families or couples as much, if at all. And you guys, I ADORE working with families and couples in love. I haven’t been working with women to create empowering, magical portraits. And I miss that. Suddenly, everything had to be about branding photography! And branding consulting, and building your brand.

In fact, I had decided to give up my tagline “Photographer of Goddesses, Lovers and Bright Souls.” Because I felt like it wasn’t resonating with the people I was meeting in networking meetings. OMG!! Who cares if it resonates with them? That is WHO I AM. I have actually been to some networking meetings where people have snickered at that or made a gasp like it was all risque or something. Really?? Of course I never went back.

And if you go to my home page you’ll see where that is gone. And it was when I did that a few weeks ago that the magic almost died. So fuck that. It’s going to be a part of me, my message, my brand for as long as I see fit. And people can snicker away. I just don’t care.

You can’t look at these images and not see the joy, fun, and love! Why on earth would I want to not actively be doing this?? I love my Bright Souls and Lovers!! They feed my soul!


3. Always remember your why. I forgot about my why in the midst of networking, speaking to get in front of the new audiences, planning, business strategizing, masterminding, etc, etc, etc…

And my why has to do with revealing your inner magic and essence whether that helps to build your brand and business, or create amazing memories that you’ll always cherish, or to empower you or to remember the love you share with your partner.

4. Fuck the business crap and fill your well instead. If I had spent as much time filling my well, being creative for myself, as I have networking and presenting over the last year, I don’t think I would have fallen into this hole. Of course I will go still go to networking events and speak but only when it FEELS RIGHT. And I’m scheduling now to be on two podcasts that FEEL RIGHT! Networking and speaking might be “$1000” tasks to some people but not me. Taking time to be creative is a $100,000 task for me. So that is going to come first.

Yes, a lot of my work allows me to be creative BUT it’s also my work. I’m an artist. I need to create for the sake of creating. And that means making art. Whether that’s painting, creative photography, digital art, whatever, that needs to be the priority over going to another networking event.

The creative process for these images was so amazing. And it needs to happen way more often.


Pardon the cursing throughout but sometimes there just aren’t more powerful words! And hey, it’s part of who I am!! But I promise I will never curse in front of your kids! And I’ll only do it in front of you after you’ve done in front of me. Because then I know our souls are more aligned than I could have imagined!

So that’s it. And for the first time in awhile I feel inspired. I feel right about and with my business. I have been saying I’m going to rebrand for nearly six months. But it hadn’t started happening because it wasn’t right. Now it does feel right because the magic is back.