So you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner. And you know you need a headshot. Whether it’s your first one or just time to update the one from 15 years ago. But the thought of standing in front a boring backdrop with your arms crossed sounds as appealing as sitting in Northern VA rush hour traffic. Painful and exhausting.

Basically you need and want headshots and images with more character … more magic … more you! And being way more on the non-traditional side, I love creating headshots that do just this so that not only is it not painful and exhausting, but it’s easy, comfortable and fun.

I call these Lifestyle Headshots and they’re just simply more dynamic than regular headshots. They offer a great range of uses — like something for your about page, something for your products page, maybe some social media posts. Headshot just means that you are the main focus not the environment or the product, but you. BUT it doesn’t mean that backdrops have to be boring or that the environment and products can’t be used.

Backdrops are great for a clean and consistent look and don’t have to be stiff, stuffy or boring at all.



Lifestyle Headshots to me also says we can step off a backdrop and into a different environment. Maybe that environment is outside, or in a cafe, or at a creative work table, or at your desk. Again, you’re the subject and the environment simply offers a more comfortable and relaxed space.

And yes, you can get more traditional headshots and still feel and look relaxed and comfortable! Because I bring the magic that helps!

So, now that you know what a Lifestyle Headshot is, are you ready to get yours?

We’re about to enter not only a new year but a new decade! Give your business that visibility boost!