Lightworker Goddess – VA/MD/DC Personal Branding Photographer

Lightworker Goddess – VA/MD/DC Personal Branding Photographer

Entrepreneurs have stories to tell. As a branding photographer, my job is to help entrepreneurs tell those stories visually. Sometimes that can be super easy. Sometimes it’s challenging when the stories are more esoteric and abstract. Like for lightworkers.

What is a lightworker? One definition is “a special person with almost psychic ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal.” Another is “just anyone who wants to make a difference and wants to make the world better.” Some people say they’re “woo-woo” and other folks might say “new age.” Ultimately it’s about helping others and being of service to other humans and planet Earth.

Hmmmm … so how to visually capture this? Amber doesn’t look like your typical new age, gypsy type, lightworker … you know with tattoos and wearing layers of malas and rings on every finger and flowy pants. She has an academic and professional background in psychotherapy and she defines herself as a well-being through consciousness teacher. Amber is here, in the DC ‘burbs, doing the ‘burbs thing … you know grocery shopping for her family, dealing with school stuff, going to yoga at the community center, sitting in traffic to get from point A to point B. And one of her audiences are those doing the same suburbs thing but knowing there’s got to be more to life, knowing that well-being is out there but they’re just not sure how to access it when they don’t identify with the flowy pant, mala wearing woo-woo lightworker that can go to India and spend months becoming spiritually enlightened.

And this became the foundation for her shoot! The suburbs! So while she might use some of the same tools — crystals, oils, affirmations, meditation— as other lightworkers, she’s doing her work in the container of the suburbs and that’s how we approached her shoot which was a brilliant collaboration. We both came to the table with ideas and I absolutely loved hers! We both knew a coffee shop was needed as a backdrop. My inclination was the local, hip coffee shop. Her idea was the strip mall chain coffee shop. And I loved that. We both knew her typical suburban neighborhood needed to be a backdrop and when I asked if she was willing to climb on top of the neighborhood entry sign, she was like no problem!

We spent the day together literally creating and encapsulating magic. And here is what Amber had to say about her shoot:

“Our photo day goes down as one of the most truthful experiences of my life.”

I just love that. And I love that Amber trusted me to capture these aspects of herself and to help tell her stories visually. Next up, I’ll be doing some website updates for her to pull all of this together! But in the meantime, say hello to Amber Chamberlain, The Suburban Light.





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  1. Well, holy cow Mina. This was just beautiful and informative to see from this angle. And your written narrative here hit the nail on the head. I’m just a practical witch in many ways. I am a Service to Others Soul born to my work. The drive to serve is so strong in me and has been since childhood. I am so grateful for our time together planning and executing this shoot. You are a stellar (get it?) example of a collaborator who can get to the heart of the matter and get my story told in words and pictures. Thank you dear Mina. Always with my Love, Amber

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