Magical Couples – VA/MD/DC Portrait Photographer

Magical Couples – VA/MD/DC Portrait Photographer

Back in June I decided I needed to reconnect with the magic behind my photography. You can read about it here. It includes a number of things including getting back to photographing couples.

I used to shoot weddings which most often included engagement sessions. But in 2016 after shooting a LOT of weddings, I found that the days were just too long for me and it was taking several days to physically recover. So at the end of that year’s wedding season I hung up my wedding shoes. Which, by the way, were just about the ugliest shoes ever! But you have to go for comfort!

Anyway, I now shoot very small, private and intimate weddings. They’re really portrait sessions with a handful of ceremony images. And I absolutely love shooting these types of weddings. But I miss getting with the couples before their big day. And spending time getting to know them and capturing their interaction and love in a completely different space, free from logistics, other people and quite honestly wedding jitters.

And what I’ve found, is after the wedding, couples tend to settle in and never get portraits taken again. Maybe with kids, maybe with extended family, but rarely, if ever, just the two of them. And on top of that, many couples choose simply to not get married, but to partner. And because they follow a different path they don’t have portraits taken.

Simply put we tend to not honor our partnership — our deep and intimate commitment to another human.

Soooo … drumroll please …  beginning in 2020 I am offering Couples Sessions

These sessions are for engaged, married and/or unmarried people of all genders and orientations in committed partnerships. These sessions are perfect to celebrate anniversaries, to honor milestones or to just honor each other, as a twosome, as partners, as beloveds.

And these sessions, just like all of my photo sessions, can unfold anyway you like!

Zombie fans? Let’s add them to the mix!

Bikers? Let’s ride!

Or just want something sweet and simple? That works too!

Contact me today to book your couples session! Or purchase a gift certificate for a special couple you know. Let’s get together and celebrate the magic of your union!





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