Magical, Mystical Goddess – SC Personal Branding Photographer

Magical, Mystical Goddess – SC Personal Branding Photographer

I get to work with a lot of inspiring and creative women. And I love it when their work delves into the mystical — because I am so heavily embedded in that world, wanting to learn more and dive deep into it. So if you are a spiritual, magical and mystical Goddess in need of personal branding photography, I am your creative, photographer Goddess:) Because I love me so WOO!! And this was the case with Laura from South Carolina.

I was introduced to Laura via two friends, one of who lives in Folly Beach, just outside of Charleston SC. Last Summer I had the opportunity to go to Charleston for vacation, so it was not only the perfect time to meet up with Laura in person but the perfect place. Talk about magic. It is literally oozing out of the cracks of Charleston. And the beaches. I am still jonesing to walk on the quiet, expansive beaches there. Over a year later. So, I do travel for photoshoots! And in case you’re wondering how do I figure out where to go that works with who you are … that is part of my consultation when we go over your shoot, what you do, how you want to feel, who your clients are, etc… Then I do some brainstorming with my friend Google. Aside from the beach which was an obvious choice for her, I found a kickass old prison that worked so well and a park with the most amazing light. Try not swoon when you see the light in these images!!

Laura is a Healer, Intuitive and Mystic, awakening the Goddess within other women. Another reason I love her — she is heeding her call to empower women. When we met up that day we literally could not stop talking about all things astrology, tarot, intuition, yoga, etc, etc, etc… She has such a great way of using oracle and tarot cards for guidance. Want some guidance for the Full Moon or New Moon or some Intuitive Healing? Book an appointment with her!

When we did Laura’s shoot last Summer, she was just starting to step into and own her power. She was just starting to reveal these aspects of herself to the greater outer world. Since then she has launched her website, which is no easy task. It’s really hard to put yourself out to the world. It’s a big step outside our comfort zones and forces us to be vulnerable. But when we do, magic happens. And Laura is the living embodiment of magic!
We’re already looking at a session for next Spring! And I simply cannot wait.

Check out her website and follow her on Instagram for her magical musings! And now feast your eyes upon this Magical, Mystical Goddess!

I LOVE how Laura is in the center of two sides of this wall here, one light and one dark. People who dive deep into mysticism and healing know how much there is to be learned by going into the shadow and spending time there. And she’s looking into that dark side. So much in what seems such a simple image.


Prepare to swoon, maybe take a seat … Goddess in spectacular light forthcoming!

And this light! Sunset on the beach. Everything was glowing orange!


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