Since I’m on a roll with blog posts featuring extraordinary yoga teachers here’s another one! Just going back through these sessions and creating the posts is a reminder of how truly lucky and blessed I am. 

Meet Jen founder of Sati Yoga. I met Jen through Pure Prana Yoga studio where I did my teacher training and have worked with her several times, most recently creating personal branding and yoga photos for her business and training manuals. She teaches mindfulness based yoga classes and workshops and let me tell you, she is one amazing teacher. 

What I love about Jen is that she isn’t your typical everything is rainbows and unicorns, hippy type of yoga teacher. Honestly, none of us really are although there’s a few hippy types out there:) In fact Jen, to me, is a very grounded in reality and I love that about her. Because reality is where it’s at. When she reached out about branding photos she was looking for something that was a little more edgy, a little more her. No sunset heart openers in an open field. Jen has more of a punk edge and open fields and sunsets wouldn’t suit her. But a kickass graffiti wall would. And so would an old brick and steel army bunker. 

As I do with all my muses, Jen and I chatted beforehand and brainstormed some locations that I felt really represented who she is and what she’s doing  … basically finding peace and sharing how to find peace in the midst of a lot of craziness out there. The day of her shoot we pulled together outfits that totally represented her, things she felt comfortable in and her images show that. And it all lined up perfectly. The outfits matched the locations and the locations matched the outfits and Jen’s personality. Someone posted a comment on one of her images saying it was like an xray of her spirit!  Yes, yes, yes!! That is exactly what I strive to do. 

Thank you Jen for what you are doing in the world and for allowing me to help you do that!

Hair and makeup by the amazing Lauren Feliz-Durishin of Beauty by Word of Mouth.