On the Threshold of the Future – VA Portrait Photographer

On the Threshold of the Future – VA Portrait Photographer

I just can’t even express how much I love photographing high school seniors. I know how excited they are to be finishing up the beginning chapter of their lives and how excited they are to be stepping into the next chapter. And I love that my skills as a portrait photographer capture them on this threshold.

So when Syd’s mom contacted me about her senior portraits I was of course thrilled! I had already photographed her two older step sisters, Katie and Chloe. And I remember meeting Syd when she was like seven. So to see and photograph her as a young woman was super exciting.

We met at the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville where we walked around and hit some of her favorite spots. Then we went to the family farm in Nelson County. If you’ve never been to Nelson County, VA you have to go. It’s such a beautiful place and was the perfect backdrop for Syd. And her BFF was there for support. I’ll never forget the sigh her bff made when Syd turned a certain direction and the sun illuminated her. And I have to thank her friend for getting rid of the enormous spider that crawled out of my camera bag after we had been in the woods!

What stunned me with nearly every photo of Sydney was that feeling of yes, she might be young but her power, strength and wisdom is not to be diminished by a number. Every time I look at an image of her I see not only her future but the future of the collective.

Thank you again to Sydney and her mom, Summer who was one of my very first Goddesses back in 2009! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and to watch her shine brightly!

This image was Syd’s mom’s idea. Love the concept!

The image below was when the BFF sighed:)






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