Can I ask you a question? Are you allowing yourself to be seen? Are you comfortable being visible?

That’s a loaded one, huh?

Here’s the thing, as an Entrepreneur, you have to allow yourself to be seen! And, let’s face it, that’s vulnerable AF.

I get it. I’m a business owner too and if we want to attract the right clients we have to let them know who we are.

Your brand isn’t just what you do.

Your brand is who you are.


The thought of stepping in front of a camera can be scary and uncomfortable.

But it doesn’t have to be.

I make your branding photography experience magical, empowering and fun. I put you at ease so the next thing you know you are ROCKING your session!

I create a beautiful container for our creative collaboration and I hold space for you to feel safe and free of judgement so that you can tap into something deeper and step into the spotlight with confidence.

I see your magic, your power and your essence and then I capture that in photographs that reveal it to you and everyone that lays eyes upon them.


Are you ready to be seen?


Having Mina take my branding photos felt more like a collaboration than a request for a service. When we met for our pre-shoot consultation meeting I knew Mina understood what I was looking for. Even better, she was excited to bring my vision to life. During the photo session Mina’s energy & presence was grounding and helped put me at ease while having my photo taken. I love how she captured who I am in a a photograph. It’s not a picture of me so much as me looking at you through the picture. I look forward to working with Mina in the future!

Gretchen S.

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Personal Branding Session Details

Personal branding photoshoots are half or full day custom experiences. They are held wherever it makes the most sense to tell your stories. Maybe that’s on a gorgeous beach, maybe that’s in a magical forest, maybe it’s in a studio or maybe it’s in your living room. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

My job is to create an unforgettable experience that captures your power, magic and essence and tells your stories clearly and effectively.

We meet and strategize the best way your session should unfold. We hold ritual and ceremony at the onset of your session to both ground ourselves and expand our creative energy. And I create and hold safe, free of judgement space for you to release and own your magic.

Here’s what’s included in your branding session:

• A planning and strategy session where we talk about all the details of how your session is going to roll.

• A detailed plan to capture 4-8 stories or scenes that each have a unique look and location.

• Wardrobe and prop advice, directions and suggestions.

• Professional hair and makeup.

• All the logistics – I handle the schedule, book the locations, set us up with transportation and make sure we eat!

• Full guidance on everything during your shoot like what to do with your hands, where to look, how to feel, how to fully and unapolgetically express yourself, etc … so you look completely natural and at ease.

• A gallery of edited images ready to use for all your marketing and promo needs within 3 weeks of your shoot.

Your presonal branding photoshoot is more than an afternoon or day of getting some kickass photos that take your business to the next level. It’s an experience where you come to feel and know your beauty, your magic and your power and what you are here to share with the world. It’s a transformative adventure that transcends photographs.

Have more questions? Check out the FAQs or schedule a call with me.

Half Day Sessions – $2495

Half day sessions are generally about 4 hours and offer  4-6 outfits/scenes. They include everything above!

You’ll get stunning images that tell several of your stories and create a deeper connection to your audience. Use them on your website, for your social media, in your newsletters and more.

Yoga Teacher Personal Branding Photoshoot Outside at River Farm in Alexandria VA

Full Day Sessions – $3795

Full day sessions are just that, a full day.  They offer up to 6-8 outfits/scenes and include everything above!

This extended session allows you to get even more personal with your audience and create a library of extended images that reveal all of y0ur stories.

Full day sessions are highly transformational sessions because we tap into all the fabulous facets of you!

Life Coach Personal Branding Photoshoot on Colorful Mural in Annapolis MD

Personal Branding Photography Subscriptions – $180/280 per month or $575/875 per quarter

Are you an entrepreneur with new programs and services being offered throughout the year? Or even programs and services that are cyclical with the seasons?

Have you built an engaged community that loves to hear from you regularly?

Are you and your business growing and evolving rapidly?

Subscriptions are perfect for the entrepreneur that needs fresh content on an ongoing basis. You’ve got new programs and services that you know you’ll be launching at a particular time and you want fresh photos to promote them. You’ve built a community that you want to engage with frequently and you need the visual content to go with that. Or you and your business have already outgrown and evolved and elvated past the photos you just had taken six months ago.

Subscriptions include both the shoot strategy session and a marketing strategy overview so we know the content you’re going to need for the upcoming months.

You can choose semi-annual 90 minute photoshoots per year or  quarterly 90 minute photoshoots per year and get up to 3 looks/stories in each session.

Your contract is for one-year and you can pay monthly or quarterly.

Semi-annual 90 minute shoot subscriptions are $180 per month or $575 per quarter.

Quarterly 90 minute shoots subscriptions are $280 per month or $875 per quarter.

Hair, makeup and location rental fees are not included in subscriptions.

Subscriptions give you that updated and current visual content and save you money in the long term.

Color Stylist Personal Branding Photoshoot with Red Purse in Leesburg VA

Mina took incredible pictures of me. She is a master at her craft. She set up the shoot ahead of time, and met with me and helped me pic out my clothes. During the shoot, she knew exactly what to do to make me feel comfortable and gorgeous!!! I am thrilled with every single picture, and I loved the entire experience. It was absolutely transformative.

Marni S.

Life Coach