Let me ask you a question.

If you’re in a committed relationship, when’s the last time you honored that commitment with images of the two of you together?

Was it when you got engaged? Was it at your wedding? NEVER???

What I’ve found, is the couples that get married get their engagement and wedding photos.

Then they tend to settle in and never get portraits taken again. Maybe with kids, maybe with extended family, but rarely, if ever, just the two of them.

Couples that choose to simply partner have taken a different path and seldom have portraits taken.

Simply put we tend to not honor our partnership — our deep and intimate commitment to another human.

The entire idea of a Beloved Photo Session is to honor your beloved and your commitment to one another.

I LOVE photographing people in love.

You don’t have to be engaged or married. Maybe you’ve been together for years and years. Maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary or other milestone. Maybe it’s just time to capture the magic of your partnership. 

 These sessions are for engaged, married and/or unmarried people of all genders and orientations in committed partnerships. 

Couples Portrait Pricing

Session Fee: $250

10 Image Package: $450

15 Image Package: $600

25 Image Package: $850

Prints, canvases, albums and other products are an additional cost.

The Details about Couples Portrait Sessions

Beloved Sessions are about and hour to 90 minutes are shot in the Northern VA and DC Metro area.

They include a detailed questionnaire and a consultation call to chat about ideas, outfits, locations and more.

Generally we are able to get 3-4 outfits at 2-3 locations.

Your shoot is an magical experience where you get to enjoy time with your beloved! How awesome is that?!

Then you get a gallery of images to choose your favorites which are sold in packages. You can also purchase prints, canvases, albums and more from me but are under no obligation to do so.

Couples typically spend $550-1200 depending on the image package and any products they might ordert.

Have more questions? Contact me or check out the FAQs.