Since I started creating personal branding images about 6 years ago, I’ve found that this is truly the photography niche that I love. Don’t get me wrong, I still love straight up portraiture, but being a part of helping to boost another woman’s business is exciting and rewarding. And I say a woman’s business because all of my personal branding clients have been women! As a woman trying to make a business work as well as managing all the other aspects of daily life, I get it. And today I am highlighting another female entrepreneur who I had the extreme honor of photographing last year.

Meet Lisa C. Adams, Spiritual Badass, Goddess initiated Priestess, Tantrika, Astrologer, Holistic Wellness Guru, Renegade Mystic, Sovereign, Sacred Sexuality guide and … my best friend of nearly 31 years. It’s not uncommon for me to become friends with clients as we work through the process of creating their branding images. I mean they are trusting me with some vulnerable moments so it’s only natural that some bonds start emerging. And without a doubt, that connection and synergy is part of what creates epic images. So with Lisa, and that bond of 31 years, the entire process was that much more epic:)

Now if we think about 31 years, we are going WAY back to when we were basically kids … she was late teens and I was early 20’s. We have witnessed each other go through some shit and come out the other side. We have witnessed each other grow massively as women. And I have witnessed her as a business owner for over 20 years. She started her own business as a massage therapist back in the 90s. When your bff starts a business that young and it’s a huge success you obviously can’t help but be inspired and impressed. Knowing she was doing it was and has been inspiration for me to know I can do it too. 

I did some branding photos for her when she created Goddess Powered back in 2012. In fact, those we probably the very first personal branding images I ever took, before personal branding photography was even called personal branding photography. By 2018 her offerings had evolved and she had matured as a business owner and all of the titles I mentioned above. So it was time for some new epic photos that she could use to market her offerings, update her website and create social media posts. And this is just a small sampling of everything we captured.

With all of her offerings and titles, that means she has a lot of different stories that need to be told. We captured the savvy business woman story, we captured the priestess story, we captured the astrologer story and so on. And all I can say is it was kismet!

I could go on and on but I’ll let the images do the talking. If you want a card reading or your astrological chart read, she is the woman to do it. Need a speaker on wellness, spirituality, tantra? Contact her! Need someone to conduct sacred ceremony, anything from a wedding and more? Trust me, you will not regret having her do it. You can connect with her on her website, Facebook and Instagram.







Have you and your brand evolved? Are you ready to up-level, play big and shine bright? Then it’s for us to create some magic together!