Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodhah. Yoga is the stilling of the flucuations of the mind. Or that’s one way to translate it.

Back in December I met up with Lizzie, a local yoga teacher, who needed some headshots and yoga shots. Something I wanted to capture with Lizzie’s photos was that stillness that yoga is. Lizzie wanted the quiet and calm as well as the joy. Well, with her fabulous smile the joy was there. Lizzie is full of life and light! We got together at Pure Prana where I teach. The light there is fantastic, dramatic but soft.

And, you wouldn’t think having yoga photos taken would be very hard work. Uh, think again. For the teacher, they are holding poses for quite a long time. For the photographer, you are sliding around, standing up, sitting down, bending, crouching. Needless to say we both got a great workout:) Thank you Lizzie!