If there’s something any area is not in shortage of, it’s real estate agents. So how do you, a real estate agent, stand out in the crowd? For people to remember you when you pass out the card, or they see that sign somewhere or when they’re scrolling through a community group page on Facebook? Most of our trust in real estate agents comes from in person conversations, contact and energetic exchange. Personal branding photography can capture that energy so your potential buyers or sellers can feel it just by looking at an image.

Meet Angelique! Last year Angelique completed her real estate license exams and was ready to hit the bricks. She wanted images that would show her energy as well as the area she would mostly be focusing on. And she was selling her condo in the Alexandria area and wanted images that showed how she had completed some of the remodeling. She also needed some standard business headshots which typically involve a backdrop. So her session combined all of these! These were the stories she needed to tell and so we did.

While I don’t have an official studio, I have devised a solution that totally works! I turn my living room into a photography studio! I clear out some of the furniture, set up some portable back drops and we are good to go. I’ll include some before and after shots of that sometime. Now, the goal is to have a studio, hopefully sooner than later, where I go, unlock the door, walk in and everything is set up and ready to go. But a solopreneur does what she’s gotta do to make it all work in the meantime!

And those backdrop style headshots don’t have to be bland. I coach and guide you through different positions, smiles and movements to capture a great multi-purpose headshot that shows off your personality.

In headshot and personal branding sessions I always try to get shots that work in different mediums. This shot is composed with some negative space so a message can easily be overlaid turning this into a marketing graphic.


After the backdrop shots we went into Old Town Alexandria to get some images of her in a neighborhood she might represent.  That red dress! Just wow! Talk about power and confidence:)


And in between we stopped by her condo to get some shots of her handy work! I love these and I love that she empowered herself to remodel her kitchen and bathroom!


If you’re a real estate agent looking to stand out from the crowd, let’s chat. I’ve got a ton of other ideas for your stories that you need to share!

And those of you in need of buying or selling a home … you can contact Angelique here, here (check out how she’s using one of the images from her session that I didn’t show here! I LOVE IT!!) and here. Thank you Angelique! You are the Real Estate Goddess!