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Well, hello New Moon in Leo! And no more Mercury Retrograde! And Venus in Leo!  And Jupiter going Direct! Wait, what? Why all the astrology mumbo jumbo if I’m here to talk about my branding photography business? Because magic, you guys! Remember, the post I wrote about keeping the magic alive? Well, this is some of the magic I was talking about.

Let me explain. So Mercury the planet of communication was retrograde for most of July. That means instead of pushing forward, which I could have done but not really gotten anywhere, it was time to reflect, review, restructure and clear out crap. If we’re talking about branding or in this case rebranding, that’s communication folks. So it was perfect to be reflecting and reviewing all of that. I also spent July restructuring my business for ease and simplicity (that’s another astrology discussion:). The Sun was in Cancer for most of July as well which is really about being receptive and self-care and nurturing. Not really a great time energetically to be out there, pushing things. 

But now it’s LEO season. It is TIME to STEP INTO THE SPOTLIGHT AND SHINE!! It’s about being brave and courageous and creative. And all of this is speaking to me LOUDLY! Venus is about what we value and it’s time to shine with that. And Jupiter is abundance so from a cosmic perspective abundance is coming from putting ourselves and our values on display. At least that’s my take!

So what’s all this got to do with my photography business rebrand? Well, aside from the magic, the energy is now here, finally, to support it! You see, I’m a Leo rising, so this is a powerful time for me. Plus, without having to even think about it, all of this just started flowing. Because the energy is here to support me.

Just three days into Leo season, I sat down and wrote out my values. You see, when you’re creating a brand or rebranding, identifying your values is really important. Because those values are going to drive just about everything. The only thing that is, to me, a step above identifying your values, is identifying your mission or your why. And knowing your values often can help to hone in on your mission or your why. Sometimes the mission and values could be just for the business and then you have separate ones for your personal life. I tend to think they are interchangeable. Especially if you’re a one person or small business.

When I started my business, I started as Mina Habibi Photography because I needed to call my business something. You know for invoicing and stuff. Then I wanted something more upscale so I changed to Mina Habibi Portrait Artist. And I had these vague ideas of what my why was. But I never wrote it down. Nor did I identify my values. I just whipped together some logos and a website that were adequate and did the job of establishing a visual presence.

But here’s the thing, this is now the THIRD time I’m going through this process because my latest logo and website just don’t really represent me well. They get a job done but they could do a way better job. And this is because I never did the foundational work of identifying my values and honing in on my mission. So, now, I’m doing that. Which is what I ask all my clients to do whether that’s for their branding photography or branding design.

So, here are the values I’ve identified that are a must, there is no negotiating, and that not only do I want to live by and with but that my business needs to be structured around.

Consciousness – Mindfulness – Intention – Alignment – Accountability – Achievement – Balance – Calmness – Clear Mindedness – Commitment – Contentment – Improvement – Creativity – Dependability – Determination – Discipline – Enjoyment – Excellence – Expertise – Fairness – Focus – Freedom – Fun – Grace – Growth – Happiness – Health – Wellness – Service – Honesty – Humility – Insightfulness – Intuition – Love – Making a Difference – Practicality – Professionalism – Reliability – Resourcefulness – Security – Self-Actualization – Serenity – Simplicity – Ease – Stability – Strength – Structure – Uniqueness – Vision – Vitality – Gratitude – Abundance – Integrity – Magic – Empowerment

Holy crap! That’s a lot of values. But those are both personal and business related and some could be synonyms of others. So now the task is to divide them down some and/or determine which ones need to be fulfilled by my business or which ones I personally need to focus on for my business to be successful. For example, my business must bring me joy would be fulfilled by my business. Good health is necessary in order to run a successful business is a personal value. So I’m going to pull the top 10 for my business. The ones that must be a part of every aspect of my business and my work.

  1. Magic
  2. Integrity
  3. Joy
  4. Vision
  5. Ease
  6. Creativity
  7. Gratitude
  8. Intention
  9. Growth
  10. Empowerment

Ok, so there you have it. Step one done. From here I’m going to make sure all of these values are integrated into my mission and my why. And then write that down!

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