Sage Goddess – VA/MD/DC Personal Branding Photographer

Sage Goddess – VA/MD/DC Personal Branding Photographer

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I love doing personal branding photography. I love the process behind it, helping clients uncover things they didn’t realize or know about themselves or their businesses. I love the storytelling. And I love sharing how it all turned out and what the incredible people that trust me to take their photographs are sharing with the world. So, of course today is no exception!

Meet Janet! Also known as Janet Sage. She is the founder of Sage Sisters, a women’s group that offers a Mastermind Group, Workshops and Events and a Self-Development Book Club. Side note: I’ll be presenting a workshop in July! So get on over to Janet’s Facebook page so you can keep up with all the good stuff she’s doing.

I met Janet through the Charmed Cardinals when she attended the first ever Charmed Cardinals Goddess PhotoShoot! Check it out here! As part of that experience, I worked with the women to connect with a Goddess archetype. Janet connected with the Sage archetype. Which, of course was perfect for her.

Sage:  N. wise woman, guide. Adj. Insightful, inspiring

She truly embodies all of this. And it’s been exciting to see her and her business evolve.

Back to her branding session, which took place awhile ago as this evolution was just beginning. Even though the Sage Sisters hadn’t been realized yet, these images still embody Janet’s insightful, inspiring and wise energy. Because it was there all along. And often building a brand is an ongoing process as you and it grow together.

Thank you again Janet! I can’t wait to see how Sage Sisters evolves and grows! I just adore watching women play big and shine bright!

Are you ready to empower yourself and your business with strategic, engaging and authentic personal branding photography? Then let’s connect! I’m ready to support you on your journey!

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  1. Is is appropriate to say that I almost just cried reading this?

    When I was trying to come up with a name for my group last year…the word Sage kept coming to me. I remembered the Goddess photo shoot (which provided me with the perfect photo for my first Facebook page that I didn’t even know I’d need at the time of the photo shoot) and you providing a list of Goddess archetypes and asking me to choose one that I resonated with. It was easy to choose – Sage was the hands down winner. And so, when Sage came to me as a possible name for my group, I reached out to you to get the definition of the Sage – to see if I still connected with it.

    And you’re right…this branding photo shoot was done before The Sage Sisters even existed…when I was still figuring out for myself just who I am and what I’m supposed to bring to this world. But I also remember you reassuring me that it didn’t matter – that it would fit whatever came in the future – because I was simply being me. And *that’s* why, when scrolling through these pictures, tears welled up in my eyes. Because I can SEE, through the beauty of your vision and photography, exactly what has come to be.

    I see books we’ve read in the self-development book club. I see Gandhi’s quote, which has always deeply resonated with me. I see the word “inspiring” which is what I still hope to bring out in people. I even see my favorite planners and pick-me-up…tea.

    Thank you, Mina, for capturing me. The authentic me that I hope makes this world a better place.

    And I’m SO excited to have you as a featured expert presenter later this year!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! XOXO

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