It’s the Season of the Goddess and as a Goddess photographer it’s the perfect time to share a bunch of them! If you know anything about astrology we are smack in the middle of Venus retrograde. Without getting to deep into it, just know it’s all about the Goddess right now. And then the Sun just moved into the sign of Scorpio which is divinely feminine and accentuates all aspects of femininity and intuition. And then stepping away from astrology, there is simply a rise in the Divine Feminine happening all over the world. That’s a lot of woman power!

Back in 2016, I joined Femworking which is a mastermind for women entrepreneurs. The first woman I met was Marcia, owner of the Charmed Cardinals. We immediately connected through our mission of empowering women. Then later that Fall we had the first ever Charmed Cardinals Goddess experience. I was honored to photograph these strong, resilient, purposeful women. And I loved that they all embraced their vulnerability and their power to be photographed. It’s a daunting thing for many. With that, the Goddess session became and annual event. Now it’s twice a year!

Today I am sharing images from last year’s Fall Goddess session! Because this year’s is coming up this weekend. So what better prelude, right?!

While part of the experience is to dress up and help style each other, I started to find that dressing up in a tulle skirt isn’t the end all be all to connecting with your Inner Goddess. I mean tulle is fun and all but it’s not for everyone. So with some of these women, we went with a more natural, everyday look. And they shined so brightly. We also had a warrior in the group and you can just feel the power emanating from her.

Ultimately being your authentic you is where you find your Goddess. And these ladies prove that to us!






Interested in your own Goddess portrait session? Contact me today for details. You absolutely will not regret stepping outside your comfort zone and embodying your Inner Goddess!