I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 20 years now. I’ve been teaching yoga for 17 years. As a yogini and yoga instructor you are always grateful to find another teacher that is gifted, wise, humble and quite honestly full of magic. I’ve found a handful of teachers like this, one being the mega-inspirational Marni Sclaroff. I remember the first class I ever took of hers, she was subbing another wonderful teacher’s class at Beloved Yoga in Reston. Pretty much the first words she spoke, I was like she is the real deal. She is living her yoga yet is just like the rest of us. I took some more classes and a couple of workshops and always, she was able to just riff on all this great yoga stuff. 

A year ago she offered a teacher training that I took where I met some other astounding yoga instructors, like Jessica who I also had the pleasure of photographing. It was one of those life altering teacher trainings for me. It was also an opportunity to get to know Marni better. And the more you get to know her the more amazing she is! People, I am telling you, check out what she is offering here, www.marnisclaroff.com, and then sign up for something, anything or everything. You will not regret it. 

Fast forward to the Summer and Marni was in need of some updated personal branding photos. Yoga teacher, renegade mystic, spirit guide, engaged in soulful loving and everyday magic? Yes, please!!! Talk about my ideal client. I have a process where I ask clients how they want to feel when they see their photos and how they want their clients to feel when those people see the images we create. She wanted her images to express beauty, grace, artistry and have an erotic edge, a kind of edginess that invites one to the mystery. More yes!! And I believe we brought that vision to life. And I loved every single minute of it. Even the hot, sweaty afternoon that left us all dripping in sweat! Hair and makeup by the uber-talented Lauren Feliz-Durishin of Beauty by Word of Mouth

Thank you Marni for the all the gifts of yoga you have bestowed upon me and for the opportunity to photograph you and reveal your inner magick! Oh and thank you for the trick I use in pretty much every session now … laughing yoga! If you’ve been a client since last July you know what I’m talking about. Wondering what that means? Book yourself a session and find out:)