I love Valentine’s Day! There, I said it! I always have whether I had a partner or not. I don’t care that it’s a “Hallmark” holiday and of course I know that it’s all about capitalism, if you allow it to be that. And it doesn’t have to be about having a partner at all. It’s a great time to shower yourself with some self-love.

I’ve always loved the candy wrapped in colorful, metallic foil. The fun pinks, reds and whites. I, of course, throw in more bright colors. It hits at the perfect time, mid-Winter, when everything is gray, brown, drab and monotonous. I mean, I changed out some Winter solstice/seasonal decor and added in some Valentine’s Day fun and color and what a huge shift in my home!

But more important it’s a reminder to honor ourselves and our beloveds, whether that’s friends, family or your partner. I’m just as guilty as everyone else of letting time slip by and forgetting about how little things, gestures of affection, acknowledgement, etc… make a world of difference in our relationships. So if we need Hallmark to remind us to stop and take a day to honor those commitments and relationships, then so be it. Ideally, we’d be aware and intentional all the time. But in a busy ass world, with a raging pandemic, being in close quarters with family and partners for all most a year, and stress at all time highs, it’s easy to get derailed.

So, with all this, I of course have a way to reconnect with your partner and honor your commitment, which I will get to. But first, I want to share some other unique ideas from fellow business colleagues. Because eventually flowers fade and die and candy, well it’s fun and tasty in the moment but then your belly is like ugh! So here you go! And ALL of these amazing entrepreneurs have been clients of mine so I can personally vouch for their authenticity and integrity! And I’ve thrown in some images so you can virtually meet them!

Astrology Reading

Staunton, VA Personal Branding Photography

Give your partner or yourself some insight to themselves! It’s amazing what a difference some cosmic knowledge makes in how we approach the events of our lives as well as the world’s events. Check out The Renegade Mystic and her natal chart reading!

A Retreat Just for Her

This is just for the ladies … a Her Hideaways Retreat. Her Hideaways offers several packages whether the need is for personal restoration or for the entrepreneur in your life to reset and regroup with a little business retreat.

Yoga/Fitness Classes

Plain and simple, yoga heals us in ways you never thought possible. These teachers listed here are all teachers I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing and are all wonderful in their own way offering something for everyone on their yoga journey. Many of them also offer training for yoga teachers! So, got a yoga teacher in your life that is looking for additional training and certifications? Perfect gift! Some of these fabulous yoga peeps also offer fitness and personal training! Either way, you can’t beat the gift of health.

Peace in the Pause

Sati Yoga

The Warrior Within Yoga

Marni Sclaroff Yoga School

Suzanne Muro

Paige’s Yoga

Sara Crosby Yoga


321 Om Fitness

Soaring Spirit Yoga

Americana Zen Branding Photoshoot Clifton, VA

Mind the Mat Yoga

Del Ray VA Personal Branding Photography

Alicia Cross Training

Essential Oils

I love essential oils! Did you know that scent goes directly to our limbic system and can instantly change our mood? Essential oils make an amazing gift!

SBW Aligned


321 Om Fitness

Creativity Coaching

Have an artist in your life that really wants to create but is feeling blocked? Some Creativity Coaching from Spark Your Creative can light a fire in that artist!

Personal Branding Photography Alexandria Va

Life or Business Coaching Sessions

Sometimes we all need a little help to get unstuck and moving, whether in life or business. Some coaching sessions can start unravelling things that hold us back.

Marni Sclaroff

The Renegade Mystic



Carin Kilby Clark

Virginia Personal Branding Photography

Pathway to Lasting Joy

Aimee Phlegar 

Kate Deriso

Cordelia Gaffar

Membership to a KILLER CoWorking Space

Rowan Tree is an amazing space for working, creativity, collaborations and more. Not only does it offer you an actual physical workspace (gotta get out of house?? Anyone??) but since the pandemic they have offered virtual memberships and some robust online programming. Becoming a Rowan Tree member was hands down one of the most valuable things I’ve done for my business!

Color Analysis

Give the gift of confidence and looking amazing with color analysis from Your Color Style! Color, just like scent, can change our mood instantly. See above note about how changing up the colors in my living room changed the whole mood!

Old Town Alexandria Personal Branding

Comfy, Fun Clothes

Busy Momma Boutique offers fun, fashionable but most important comfortable clothes! Give her the gift of comfort. Trust me, she will love you for it!!

Courtney Riddle personal branding photoshoot Leesburg VA

Mala Beads

And finally Soaring Spirit Yoga offer mala making sessions online as well as pre-made mala bead necklaces. Made from semi-precious stones that hold varying energies for healing, mala beads are the perfect gift for yogis!

Americana Zen Branding Photoshoot Clifton, VA

But wait! Of course, I have some offerings that I think would make great Valentine’s Day gifts! And some of them are on sale!

Beloved Photo Session

The entire idea of a Beloved Photo Session is to honor your beloved and your commitment to one another. I LOVE photographing people in love. And here’s my question … when was the last time you had photos taken together? Was it when you got engaged? Was it at your wedding? NEVER???

You don’t have to be engaged or married. Maybe you’ve been together for years and years. The idea is come together and let me capture the magic of your partnership.

Beloved Sessions are on sale for $99 session fee through this Saturday, Feb 13. They’re about an hour to 90 minutes long at a location(s) of our brainstorming and/or your choice. We’ll chat about ideas and what to wear. Then you get a gallery of images to choose your favorites which are sold in packages or a la carte. Couples typically spend $350-500 on the images which you can then have printed at your convenience. Contact me today to get a Gift Certificate!

My husband and I have done this twice and have some amazing images around our home to remind of us of different phases of our life together. Follow me on Instagram to get a peek at these this week!


Branding Photo Session

Do you have an entrepreneur in your life that has been trying to get their visual presence off the ground? Or are you the Instagram husband or wife? In charge of taking the photos for them to post on social media?

Personal Branding Photography Occoquan Virginia

A Branding Photo Session with me will catapult their visual presence and confidence. Because the experience transcends the actual images. You can get a gift certificate for an entire session or in any amount to apply to a session. Contact me today to gift this to your Valentine Enterpreneur:)

DIY Branding Workshop

Another gift idea for the entrepreneur in your life is a 4-week online workshop I’m offering with Marni Sclaroff (yes, you saw her name above too!) called Practical Magic for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs. We are going to guide folks through getting clarity around their business and brand and then walk them through the steps of creating a visual and online presence. This workshop is going to be jam packed with information! And the early-bird rate is only $199 through this Thursday, February 12! Learn more about Practical Magic for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs.

There you have it folks. A TON of ideas for unique Valentine’s Day gifts! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day whether you’re celebrating yourself, your friends, your family or your beloved!