What Is a Portrait Artist?

What Is a Portrait Artist?

My business has been undergoing an identity crisis for about a year now. But I’m happy to share that it’s almost on the other side of that crisis. I have finally nailed down exactly what my business is about.

For some background, I started taking photos professionally in 2009. I didn’t have a business name or a logo or a website.  I knew I needed all of that, I mean I am also a branding designer! So I threw together a name … Mina Habibi Photography. How’s that for creative?! And it worked fine for the time being. The logo I created was easy, simple with a friendly font. I was photographing families, events, weddings, products, you name it. But even though that wasn’t the most creative brand, there was magic.

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But over time my style evolved as did my business. Mina Habibi Photography just seemed meh and mismatched. I felt like I was more than just a photographer. I am and always have been an artist. And that’s when I was like, hey, I’m a Portrait Artist. I changed my logo and business name to Mina Habibi Portrait Artist. I developed the tagline Photographer of Goddesses, Lovers and Bright Souls. And I LOVED it! It felt right and it felt like me. While I was still photographing weddings and families, my focus shifted to photographing women. And the magic continued!

Personal Branding Photography Yoga Teacher

Personal Branding Photography Yoga Teacher

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As my business continued to evolve and I changed how I was working and who I was working with, things felt like they didn’t resonate again. I had niched down to primarily branding clients and so Portrait Artist didn’t seem to fit anymore. It was almost like I had to put that to rest to fit in to the “business model” of what a photographer should be doing. Like the artistry had to be put to the side for the sake of the business and getting a particular “ideal” client. I even felt like I had to drop my magical tagline. And then I felt like the magic was dying.

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But the problem was I am an artist. What didn’t fit well was the niching down. What didn’t feel right was stepping away from the artistry aspect. What didn’t feel right was giving up all the magic and replacing it with business models, best practices, blah, blah, blah. And I finally said F all that. I am a PORTRAIT ARTIST! And I am and always will be a Photographer of Goddesses, Lovers and Bright Souls. And the magic returned and surged.

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So here’s what a portrait artist is:

I create portraits of people.

A portrait is defined as an image, a study, a portrayal, a representation, a depicted, an impression, a vignette. Perhaps that’s a business portrait or a representation or vignette of you as a business owner and what you do. Perhaps that’s an image of you and your partner and a study of your love and commitment. Or maybe it’s a depiction of your family as they are right now whether that’s out in a park with mismatched clothing or in the chaos of your everyday life at home.

I infuse artistry to these portraits. 

Artistry is defined as creative skill, talent, genius, brilliance, flair, finesse, style. Before I take those portraits I get to know you so I can use my brilliance to bring out yours. I determine what’s going to work best for you to express yourself whether that’s soft and subtle, moody and soulful or bright and excited. I use my creative vision to determine what background is going to bring that out, what style to create and how to position you so you are comfortable, can open up and come into your full self. And then I edit those images to amplify everything.

I may not be the most technically proficient photographer out there but I am without a doubt an artist. I didn’t learn all of this from books or prescribed methods other photographers have developed or used. I just infuse the magic of being an artist that has always been there, from the very beginning, into every portrait I take which in turn reveals your magic. And that is my purpose and mission as a portrait artist, to reveal your magic. 

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