There are all types of Goddesses! Including Witchy Goddesses. Witches can be sorceresses, enchantresses, crones and more. And I love flexing some super creative muscles when photographing witches. More often, the witches I’ve photographed are creative shoots that I have set up. I want to play with ideas on how to make something look otherworldly, or see if I can literally conjure some magic in post-processing aka Photoshop editing. It’s a way to keep the creative juices flowing. It’s also fun to play with makeup and styling. And as a bonus, I have actually had clients that wanted a witchy look, a little Wild Woman, or a little modern mystic.

I’m drawn to these kinds of shoots because I am also drawn to the mystical arts and the unknown. I love working with tarot and oracle cards. I love feeling into the cycles of the moon, the seasons and the cycles of life. And it’s fun to create images that speak to all of this. To try and create that energy, the feel of the mystical and magical. And maybe, just maybe I’m a witch myself:)

I’ve also gone to CosPlay events where the participants all dress in some sort of themed character. Part of that fun is trying to get the people in poses, action, “scenes,” that make it look real. And then editing to enhance that.

I also love creating digital art combining images, backgrounds, textures, etc… that results in a something completely different. It’s a challenge to see if I can create something out of multiple resources. Basically the whole thing comes down to what random things can I pull together, put on people, pose them in and then edit together to make something that evokes a response. Does it all work? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s all fun and like I said flexes the creative muscles.

So to honor Halloween, the time of year when the veil is the thinnest, I thought it would be fun to feature images of some of my Witchy muses.

This creative play date featured real witches at a really cool, old palace in Afton, VA. We got up super early because we wanted to catch some mist up on the mountain, but alas no mist! But it was super fun nonetheless. It’s amazing what you can do with 40 yards of tulle, some feathers, and other random things. We played with clothing the models had already and threw together a mish mash of outfits to conjure up the style.

Now, the only problem with play date photo shoots is I often don’t ever fully finish editing the images! As I was going back through the images from that morning, I found a bunch that I had never even processed yet! And I had to totally resist the urge to do that as I was creating this post! Hmmm … maybe a photo editing play date on a rainy day is in order. I actually have a few play date photo shoots that I could dive into. Back to this play date … The Couture Coven at Swannanoa Palace. 

Last year, I had another photography play date. There were three photographers and four models and TONS of clothing! It looked like several closets exploded. After we got a variety of regular shots some of the girls and I wanted to play with Witchy looks. It was another Couture Coven!


Then there was the time I played with a young lady to go edgy and dark. These definitely had a witch feel to them.

And then finally a client who is a Modern Mystic and wanted a witchy, magical vibe!

Happy Halloween everyone!