Earlier this year I was trying to define exactly where I want to go with photography. Who and what do I want to be photographing? One of the items on that list is yoga, yoga teachers and movement. So when Sara posted on the DC Yoga Teachers Collective that she wanted some new yoga photos I commented back with my website and to contact me if she wanted to work together. Lucky for me there were several other teachers on that thread totally telling her to contact me:)

I’m also a yogini and yoga teacher. I know what a pose should look like but more important, what it should FEEL like. And I think I capture those feelings pretty well:) On top of that I can help to cue — lift the heart, extend through the finger tips, find the stillness — to help really capture the feeling that yoga can give us.

This shoot with Sara was great. The studio captured the stillness, and the outdoors captured the freedom and expansiveness that come with a yoga practice. Sara ‘s style is a free flow or Prana flow. She wanted to capture the joy of movement that is yoga and the humbleness of gratitude. And of course Sara’s energy was amazing not to mention her grace and beauty as she flowed through the afternoon.  Thank you Sara!