Hi! I'm Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist and Photographer of Goddesses, Lovers and Bright Souls.

My vision creates innovative art that reveals the magic that lies within you, your true essence and spirit — often more than you are able to see.

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?!

I invite you to explore my galleries. Check out the Goddesses, Lovers and Bright Souls I have been honored and privileged to photograph.

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Soul Healer – VA/DC/MD Personal Branding Photographer

Soul Healer – VA/DC/MD Personal Branding Photographer

Soul Healer – VA/DC/MD Personal Branding Photographer  Mmmmmm … soul healer. Don’t you just love how that sounds? Like the very words are healing themselves. But what exactly is a soul healer? Well, meet Aimee … she is a soul healer, empowering women to release their suffering (depression, panic, anxiety, PTSD, etc) and reclaim their… Continue Reading

Fellow Conspirators

Fellow Conspirators

Fellow Conspirators. Kind of like Partners in Crime. I love that phrase and was looking for something similar to describe the partnerships I’m making with other women business owners.  I’ve met some pretty amazing women in the last year through Femworking and Charmed Cardinals and have started developing partnerships. We are each conspiring — joining forces,… Continue Reading


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